Marijuana in the workplace: What you should know This is the question that many people ask due to the rise in recreational and medical marijuana. With many states beginning to legalize the drug it has has caused many issues in the workplace for employees and employers. The controversy is that [...]

Drug Test Cut Off Levels The standard procedure in drug testing is to utilize drug test cut off levels which is a specific number set by the laboratories that is used to determine the threshold of when a test will be negative or positive for illegal drugs. Once the specimen reaches the [...]

The drugs you did last night, at the weekend party, or even on last New Year’s eve – they can all be in your system, be it your blood, urine, saliva, or even hair, waiting to be detected either by the government, your employer, or in the worst case, your parents when they use drug testing kits [...]

Smart Drug Testing offers completely anonymous levels monitoring for clients who desire a cannabis test in Boston, MA. An accurate understanding of your metabolite levels and their history will provide you and your healthcare professional with a deeper comprehension of your intake profile. Whether [...]

Smart Drug Testing provides DNA testing in the heart of Boston. Our DNA tests can be used to satisfy US Immigration requirements, can be used to conduct ancestral research, and can be used in maternity or paternity cases. Our DNA tests are reliable, defensible and are always collected with strict [...]