Instant Result Testing


What is an Instant/Rapid Results Drug Test?

An instant drug test is a urine test in which the specimen is collected and analyzed at the testing center. An instant test is not a laboratory analyzed test and does not have Medical Review Officer (MRO) verification. Instant testing, also known as rapid results testing is generally used by employees such as construction companies, staffing agencies who a primarily seeking negative results. A non-negative result from an instant test should always be sent to a SAMHSA Certified Laboratory for confirmation testing.

How Soon Will I Get My Results?

Instant/rapid drug testing provides reliable and rapid results. Typically, a negative result will be available within minutes after the collection. Once the negative results are available, the confidential results will be sent electronically to the email address provided at time of registration. Instant drug testing eliminates the logistics, testing and reporting delays that can be associated with lab-based drug testing.

What Happens if my Instant Test is Non-Negative?

Our instant/rapid drug tests include laboratory support for any specimens that screen non-negative for illicit drugs at no additional cost. All non-negative results should be confirmed in a laboratory and all specimens are analyzed at a SAMHSA-certified drug-testing laboratory. Smart Drug Testing will retest the non-negative specimen to confirm if the drugs are present and this additional layer of support and assurance can help to improve the quality and reliability of any drug testing program.

Can Instant Testing be Used for DOT Drug Tests?

No, unfortunately instant/rapid drug testing is not an acceptable method for any DOT or Federal Drug Testing program. All drug testing requirements associated with DOT or the Federal government must be collected on a Federal CCF form, follow strict chain of custody requirements, analyzed in a SAMHSA Certified Laboratory and results must be reviewed and verified by a licensed Medical Review Officer.

Is Instant Drug Testing Legal in Every State?

No. Before requesting an instant/rapid results test, it is important to check the state laws in every state that you do business. Some States that permit instant drug testing may require that certain testing protocols be followed in order to conduct instant testing. Some examples include collection procedures, split specimens, chain of custody protocols, confirmation testing, drug cutoff levels, MRO verification, results reporting and the use of FDA-listed devices. Smart-Drug-Testing-Centers-in-USA

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