Blood Drug Testing

Blood Drug Testing

Smart Drug Testing, LLC provides drug and alcohol testing utilizing the blood screening method.  Blood drug testing can be screened for 5, 10, and 12 panel screenings.  Same day service is available and testing centers are located in all cities and in most cases within minutes from your home or office.  The detection period for a blood drug test is up to 3-5 days and results are reported in most cases within 7-10 days.

Why Do I Need a Blood Drug Test?

Drug testing utilizing the method of drawing blood while not common, is still used by many governmental agencies and the court systems. Blood drug testing measures whether a person has an illegal drug metabolite in their system at the time the blood is drawn. Drug testing using blood as a specimen is not common as part of a drug free workplace program due to the fact that blood drug tests require specialized equipment and medically trained personal. It is common for blood to be drawn in vehicle accidents to determine if the drivers where under the influence of an illegal substance or impaired due to alcohol. Typically law enforcement requires a blood drug test and alcohol test when a fatality occurs or serious bodily injury occurs. Drugs in the blood are typically detectable within minutes to hours depending on the type of drug and the amount used and blood drug testing analysis has a brief detection window. Blood drug tests can be screened in groups similar to other drug tests such as a, 5 panel, 7 panel, 9 panel test and can include expanded opiates. Blood drug tests are typically more expensive than other drug testing methods. Some courts continue to order blood drug tests in probation and other types of legal proceedings, however due to the fact that a blood drug test is a very invasive procedure many drug testing centers do not offer blood drug testing and most employers, courts, schools and other organizations utilize urine or hair as the primary method for drug testing. Blood drug tests are commonly used in conjunction with physicals, physicians requiring lab work on a patient and to determine cholesterol levels, HIV, Hepatitis and other medical scenarios relating to a person’s health.

Is a Blood Drug Test Accurate?

False positive blood drug tests are extremely rare, however any drug test including a blood drug test will have confirmation test performed, if the initial test is positive. Drugs in a person’s blood usually are expunged within a week and the detection window for a blood drug test is generally 1-3 days. One exception is the frequent use of marijuana which can stay in the blood system up to 7 days. For information regarding the effects of drug abuse – Click Here For  information on a drug free work place – Click Here For  information on substance abuse programs – Click Here For information on DOT Drug / Alcohol Testing requirements – Click Here Smart-Drug-Testing-Centers-in-USA

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